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So today I'm working at home. Quietly!

This iBook makes no noise what-so-ever!

Comparably, my desktop Windows machine sounds like an industrial facility with all its fans whirring loud enough to annoy me greatly. The difference is amazing, and all of its background noise really gets on my nerves after a while. So the Windows machine sits powerless while iBook connects securely to campus and lets me enjoy the sound of wind outside.

Another nice thing about this Mac: it accepted the Windows mouse (with two buttons and a scroll wheel) just by plugging it in. The trackpad's a little hard to use efficiently, so having it like the Windows mouse with not even so much as an OK click means no need to buy another mouse right now. Yay, iBook!

Now... how to update a Debian Unix tnsnames file so that its installation of Oracle can be used by a perl script to grab information from a PeopleSoft server in Utah in order to update course schedule information in our WebCT system running on a Sun Solaris Unix system... will the fun never end?

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