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Wouldn't it be really cool if there was a web site that let you drag and drop characters and animals and items from the Bayeaux Tapestry onto a cloth background so you could make your own historic tale of a conquering duke, or donkey-herding knight?

We've been continuing to watch movies over the past many weeks (although at a slower rate than previously), but I've not bothered listing them. A few good ones we've viewed since my last mention: Helen of Troy (decent TV miniseries portrayal of the Trojan War), The Adventures of Robin Hood (gorgeous restored version of the 1938 Errol Flynn flick, although his laugh gets a bit annoying), Shackleton (good TV miniseries about the antarctic explorer famous for a spectacular failure and story of survival), Gangs of New York (recent movie, I liked it quite a bit).

Speaking of Netflix, what a wonderful day on the stock market for them. And therefore for us. They announced profits 3x higher than expected, and their subscriber numbers continue to increase and new-customer costs go down. Good cash flow, good service, good word-of-mouth; industry starter and leader.

We put in our largest single purchase of any stock ever into them back in June and today's 16% increase brings us to almost 100% rise since then. They're steamrolling like Amazon did last century. Go, NFLX, go!!

Investing's always a gamble, of course, and NFLX can go down again, but it seems unlikely now or for a long while. A lot of people who like them as a choice have many reasons for doing so, with the main cons saying there will be too much competition from Blockbuster and Wal-Mart. We'll see. I'm betting on Netflix. I invite you to do the same.

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