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Happy Halloween!

Shelley had to get some dry ice for her workplace party today, so she got us some too, and we put it behind our jack-o-lanterns. We've had a nice gentle rain all night, however, and no trick-or-treaters coming by to see them. Ah well, they're really cool with the dry ice effect, no?

My workplace had a little costume contest, and being lazy and not wanting to put any time into it, I just wore my old SCA garb: chainmail, armor, surcoat, etc. It won the category of "most pleasant," which surprised me. I'd have given my vote in that category to one of the women there who did a good job dressing up as Lara Croft (aka Tomb Raider).

My outfit received many compliments, which were gratifying, while my prize turned out to be a mini powered cooler that one can plug into a car's electrical outlet. It holds a six-pack. Might come in handy some day, if we ever get our car's outlet fixed! Strange prize; don't know what the other categories won because they distributed the prizes later in the day after announcing winners by e-mail.

We celebrated Zero's ninth birthday with the annual viewing of The Nightmare Before Christmas, wherein we see Zero's namesake, Zero the ghost dog.

My little wagon got left in the UPS facility, so no work with it this weekend. But I did find a portable power system that looks to be perfect, and ordered it. It's basically a big battery on wheels with a handle, and a pair of regular AC outlets. It should be a stable platform for the iBook, supply a lot of power, and be easily portable. It should be here in about a week.

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