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Despite a strong desire and having the time, I did not go up to the observatory to make a demo tour this weekend because of the weather. The low overcast and dull lighting would have made for a rather boring virtual tour, since much of it would be outdoors. Ah well, next weekend promises better conditions.

The portable power device arrived and looks to be a useful way to deal with the power needs of my system, at least where nodes are relatively accessible and it can be parked underneath the camera tripod.

Looking at some gorgeous panos made by a guy in Spain, I can't help but wonder whether the Panoscan system wasn't a wasteful overspend. He used a standard digital camera, fisheye lens, and free stitching software. With superb results. His panos are only about a quarter of the screen, though, and my approach wants them full-screen, so Panoscan may be the best way to accomplish this. Also, it's not clear how long it took him to get his panos stitched, so my system may be faster.

After a long hiatus from volleyball, we tried it again last night. Found it to be free of jerks this time, and a lot of fun, so we may start attending again.

No significant cycling during the weekend -- too comfy to sleep in on flannel sheets after staying up late!

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