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So you know my online game, the one called Fighting Flattops, about WW II carrier combat in the Pacific?

Well... I just got e-mail from one of its regular subscribers. Apparently he has been in touch with a number of other subscribers about holding an on-line tournament, and he's come up with a set of rules, scenarios, etc. and wants me to bless it.

That's fine, glad to see it.

But get this... he's putting up $100 of his own cash for first place, plus a $36 annual subscription. Second place is about half that. So something on the total of $206 just because he wants to. There appears to be no entry fee. He just wants to sponsor this tournament.

I'll re-read his rules and be sure that everything's on the up-and-up but with no entry fee, what's anyone got to lose? Sounds like an interesting thing to try and perhaps it will bring in some additional subscribers.

Ain't that cool?

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