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Black Sash Party
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Our very good friend Kenny received his Black Sash in Hwa Rang Do Saturday, and invited us to watch the short ceremony and then celebrate at his place.

Here's a photo of him at the ceremony (note the cool black sash with the tiger on it):

Congratulations, Kenny!

Hmmm. That party. Well, gotta fess up, I reckon. Any of you who know me will confirm that I have never been drunk, never had more than a flush and a buzz.

So much for that, um, record. State of being. Something.

Although I did not intend to have a large amount of drink, somehow I did. A few shots of rum, some Blackthorne's cider (big bottle), and some wine (Cabernet Shiraz). Didn't seem all that much really. But apparently it was. Or maybe it just went down too quick. With not enough water in between. I dunno.


On the floor. Crawling toward bathroom. Not making it. Substituting hat for toilet. So much for hat.

This was what, about 10:30 maybe. Dunno. Party was going well. Missed the rest of it. Regained consciousness once or twice that I can remember. Had to move a little to get out of the way.

Thankfully no one did anything mean to me, and I awoke the next morning with a pounding headache. And did not feel well. At all. A little more yuking, made it home about noon with dear Shelley's help and look of mild amusement.

At least Kenny suffered worse than I did. So they say. I think that we've both learned our lesson. At least I have. I doubt I'll even touch alcohol again for several weeks. And never, ever allow overdoing it to happen again.

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