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Weirdly Variable

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Over the past couple days I've spent a good chunk of time catching up on two e-mail lists, one for LiveStage Pro (a tool for developing QuickTime projects), and the other for QuickTime VR itself.

I subscribed to them a while ago, but got busy and didn't read them for a couple months -- mostly because I had a terrible irrational fear that I would discover tons of people scooping me on cool projects.

What I have discovered is that there are a lot of bad panos out there on the web. There are some very nice ones too, but the bad ones greatly outnumber them. And there are a lot of middling ones as well.

It has been most educational to catch up on all this e-mail. But somewhat disturbing in some respects. The vast majority of people use still cameras and relatively cheap software to stitch the still shots. Maybe that's why so many are bad.

And here I sit with the Rolls-Royce of panography set-ups, and no gasoline in the tank, it seems. I want to get going. I chafe at the bit. I await the call to post. But something always comes up that says "not quite yet" because of some overlooked detail or bump in the system. It's maddening.

I reckon I shall always continue to second-guess my expenditures, even when they start to make money. If they do. At this rate I'm pretty stressed out. I had hoped to have a completed CD-ROM by this time. Things just haven't worked out that way. No single thing in particular, except of course the amount of hours that have to be devoted to my day job.

But I have been keeping a separate journal for the endeavour and have a very high percentage rate of doing at least a little every single day toward Property360. It makes for good feelings to see that progress continues. Faster would be better though. But all work and no play makes Ken a dull boy, so the only way for progress to go faster is to go duller.

Uh oh, rambling again.

Anyway, just don't tell people you're a panographer if you've got something in your mouth or had a little too much to drink. It's not what people will hear you say.

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