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12+ Hours of Tour Work
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The timestamp on this post is correct. And I'm pretty tired now.

But no rest for the wicked, for tomorrow (er, later today) I have to attempt to wrest control of the world from a bunch of tyrants during TurkeyCivFest -- our game of Advanced Civilization, scheduled to commence at noon and run 6-8 hours.

We have six guests coming down from Clovis and from various other places. Should be a good time! Got the Pumpkin Ale, approximately 19,000 tons of left-over turkey, and multiple loaves of fresh bread, plus bags of M&Ms and Reese's Pieces.

Oh yeah, getting back to the topic at hand...

I put in 12+ hours straight - barely moving from my chair until just now - putting together the demo tour for the panoramas. It takes a while to convert from the prototype because a number of script actions have to be copied and pasted manually. It's a pain, but the resuls they offer are worth it.

It wasn't all that, however. It was also further development and extension of the final product... figuring out how to do some new things and make it even better. This has to be the best it can be.

So I'm very grateful to Shelley for taking care of the vast majority of the preparations for tomorrow's day of gaming. She cooked up a huge turkey yesterday, and transmuted it into turkey salad, cold cuts, and soup today. She also went shopping for ice and other party food. What a honey!

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