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Biking To Work
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The only problem with biking to work this time of year is chilly fingers for the first two or three miles. But hey, at least it's possible -- no snowplows to dodge along the way in sunny Southern California!

I've been commuting 12.5 miles one-way since the first workday of November, and expect to continue indefinitely. It's a decent morning workout, although tomorrow morning will be particularly painful because of some good volleyball on Sunday.

It's too dark to cycle home now, so I catch the train with the bike in hand, and pop it in the back of the car when Shelley picks me up at the station as was the case even before riding in.

CSUN provides not only free lockers for staff, but also a free towel service, so that's added incentive. Furthermore, I can keep my bike in my cubicle, where it's nice and safe.

If the morning turns up rainy, or it's too wet to ride from campus the two miles to the train station in Northridge then I can always jump on the train as needed.

As I said, it's a good workout physically. I just have to wonder sometimes whether breathing car and truck and bus fumes along the way is more harmful than not exercising. Not like the air's wonderful away from the road, but sometimes it's pretty yucky in traffic.

In related news...

Since last winter I have been SERIOUSLY considering applying for a job with Trek Tours as a bicycle guide / trip leader for them. I found out about the possibility too late last year, for this past summer, and see they've now posted again for next summer.

They pay only $70 a day (which I just learned), however, and we're not talking about an 8-hour period either -- guides would be expected to be available the whole time, socializing at dinner and afterward, dealing with lodging problems, etc. Granted, they'd be given terrific room and board during the tours, but the positions are not permanent, and would be limited to one area or route for the season.

Still thinking about it, but it would also interfere with the Panoscan business at this point in time. Never having participated in such a tour even as a paying trekker, also, would seem to weigh in against going for it as a guide. So it's not likely a good idea to apply this year, but sheesh I don't like the present place.

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