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Total Frustration
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Rather Pissed

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Total frustration over my Panoscan demo CD!

It's turned into a nasty problem of producing a result that works within acceptable boundaries in terms of functioning well on real-world machines, which it doesn't.

My authoring software seems to be clobbering the panoramas when adding interactivity to them, so they're very choppy when panning around. Plus the computer doesn't respond well to mouse-overs and mouse clicks. Move the mouse over something to click, then click, and then... wait... and finally something happens.

Testing even on a 2-GHz machine has the same results, so there's no way it can be a simple lack of crunch power. The large panos work fine when by themselves, but not after adding even simple clickable areas to them.

Spents hours and hours and hours getting the demo CD where I want it, and then found out about this terrible result.

I'm afraid I turned rather grouchy for the most part of last week and am still that way some. There's a huge amount of self-imposed pressure to make this business fly, to get a demo CD out there, but to not get it out there until it's right. First impressions are everything.

And also, I hate my day job.

It may be that I have to find another one in the meantime. I'd like to work at UCLA again, but the commute's terrible.

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