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Just got a phone call from my GIS class professor. Good news: my final project poster won the semester's competition! It's sponsored by ESRI, the company that makes the most-used GIS software. The prize: a certificate suitable for framing, and a free copy of ArcView 8.3 -- a $1500 value!!!!

So, talk about psyched! This software comes in a box so big and heavy that I had to use my shoulder to lug it across campus. It's a truly splendid prize. It turns out that I got only a B+ in the lecture part of the class, but an A in the lab part. That's okay, considering my effort.

Oh, if you want to see the webized PowerPoint presentation on which my poster was based, now you can: A Study of Ancient Irish Megalithic Sites.

The poster itself was created in less than two hours so I'm going to spruce it up a little with some more color and better font before it goes on display with previous competition winners in the geography department's showcases. Prolly do that next week.

Now, what uses can we find for this software?... hmmm... making better maps for Fighting Flattops comes to mind... making maps for linking panoramas... must think on this.

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