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Four New Things
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Shelley does the 'do:

For the first time in her life, Shelley visited a salon, where she got her hair done up -- styled, colored in three shades, pampered, pampered, pampered. The results look far better than this photo shows, especially color-wise. It was a total, well-planned surprise. I approve!

Epson 300R:
After much research into getting CDs duplicated and printed, I stumbled upon a brand-new type of inkjet printer produced by Epson. It takes printable-surface CDs, making it very easy to make my own demo discs (they'll be in the mail soon). Obviously this is not the way to go for production runs, but for trying various designs and even tailoring demo discs for particular places, this is the best solution.

After much investigation, I found that a batch of CDs would cost at least as much as the printer (and perhaps a lot more) to have a minimum batch of 50 discs made up, and then I'd be stuck with them, all the same. It also offers faster turn-around and full-color impressions without the unprofessional stick-on label.

The first few places we tried to find this printer (Fry's, CompUSA, they were out of stock. Apparently it's a real hot seller right now. Best Buy had four, and while I was reading the box there, someone came in and bought one. We agreed they were hard to find, and just the ticket for what we wanted.

TiVo Trial Service:
For a limited time, TiVo has a free trial of their service that lets us schedule our TiVo unit from anywhere on the Internet. In addition to remote show selection, this service allows TiVo to play MP3 music files from a local computer, and browse pictures from it as well. So we're using the free trial: we can pipe any of our music out to our TV's surround-sound, orchestra-setting speakers to hear it better than we've ever heard it before. And we can look at digital camera pictures of Shelley's new 'do as well. Sweet.

"Smart" Watches:
Dick Tracy, where are you? Have y'all seen the new
wireless watches? (I do NOT want one of these, because I don't wear watches and will not subscribe to a MSFT service, although they are nifty.)

What's new with you, gnu?

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