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The Motley Fool has an interesting piece today, called Money = Happiness. I tend to agree with the results shown, but certainly wouldn't mind having a wad of cash to experiment to back up or refute their findings.

Speaking of which... Netflix, our beloved DVD rental company, announced a 2-for-1 stock split, along with record numbers of income, subscribers, and lack of churn (people who drop out). This feels like the heady days of, back in 1998. Tomorrow should be fun on the stock exchange, since every split announcement I've been through resulted in a significant increase in value, and they announced this one after close of business today.

And as for working on happiness, spending the day telecommuting, with dogs nearby, helps a great deal. As does working the garden/yard. It's my new goal to spend my Wednesday lunch break working outside. Even an hour a week for the past three has made a big difference in the visual appeal of the yard. It's a lot cleaner and less weedy now.

I plan to order a batch of ten different kinds of ferns for planting along the retainer wall soon. I adore ferms, and we have one planted out there already. It came from a pot we bought in 1998, and has done quite well. It'll be interesting to see the different varieties, and encourage them to get big enough that they can duke it out with each other for growing space.

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