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Analysis Paralysis?
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Is it better to go ahead and get the panos demo CD out as-is? What if the images could be better? Will people notice or care about film grain in them? Should their color or sharpness be better (I know it probably can be, but not how to make it so)? Is it better to include a graphic logo to hide the tripod when hours of Photoshop efforts aren't working to remove it completely? Would it be best to take an advanced Photoshop class in order to learn how to use it more effectively before sending out the demo CDs?

Uh oh, back to the first question in this sequence...

Advice needed, for those who have seen the panos as they exist now.

My eyes see only the defects. They're probably fine. But what if a potential client sees them, when perhaps another week/month/whatever delay would avoid them? What if during that delay someone else is assigned the project?

I'm going crazy.

I shall redouble my efforts to get the demo CDs in the mail on Monday to volunteers for a first-review.

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