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Yesterday was a 12-hour day working on pano tours, and Saturday was almost as long. Way too much time staring at my screen, no doubt, trying to make things perfect for the demo CDs. They're just about ready to go out. Tonight I plan to print the disks and case labels, plus add some sound files. That should be it.

How about that game, eh? I do like last-second finishes when games are close. Mostly it was background noise while working on some tedious aspects of the pano projects -- importing all the tour nodes and linking one to another.

This takes some time with 32 panos on one tour, as one of them has, because my lil iBook takes a quarter-minute to load each pano when switching them, and I have to switch back and forth between them a number of times to be sure they're all linked correctly and doing what they should be doing.

We did escape from the house Saturday night for a big game of Mage Knight at Larry's place. He has hundreds of figures, plus a rather large Mage Knight castle, which is really cool. Each section of the wall has a little clicker to keep track of its strength, and the gate tower has its own as well. It's snap-together, but very nice looking.

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