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I'm sure y'all have been sitting on the edge of your seats wondering about the long silence (10 days!) in this here journal.

Mostly I've been working so much on the demo disk of the panos that the only things I would have posted would have concerned a lot of boring technical things that no one cares about, except me.

The real problem is that I keep encountering one delaying thing after another. It's maddening, maddening I tell you. Every weekend for the past two months I thought would be the one that everything came together and the demo could go out. Alas. It ain't so.

Right now I'm at 99% achieving that goal. Only one problem that I know of to resolve, but I don't know how to resolve it, which is that my demo opens to a screen that lets you pick from one of two virtual tours. But the way the system works, when you go in to that chosen tour, it really bogs down, because of the selection screen. I have to find a way to avoid that problem, either technically or by re-working the presentation to go around it. Sigh.

The other reason I've not posted here much is that I've been keeping a separate journal for that whole side of my life, and I post to it daily. Since I don't have much to add otherwise, it seems, the result is silence.

But I'm getting better.

More entries coming in quick succession over the next couple days, to catch up on a few things worth mentioning.

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