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Last weekend, while Shelley visited back east, Jenn and Kenny lent a hand helping me on a small painting and tiling remodelling project for our guest bathroom.

This was something that Shelley and I had already planned, but whose execution kept getting put off (for months) because of other things, like the demo CD. Now that the demo disk is out to testers, it seemed like a nice way to surprise Shelley when she returned.

I thought of this stealth bathroom upgrade only on the way home from dropping Shelley at the airport, but they enthusiastically agreed to help. The next day I bought tile, thinset, and various tools; and took out the toilet; and then laid the subfloor. When they arrived we decided on the paint scheme, and then went shopping for paint, trim, grout, tape, etc.

Kenny volunteered for the hard part: masking a ton of sharply angled window latticework, and then painting it. Jenn took on masking and painting the lower half of each wall, and I worked on repainting the cabinet. Then we played a couple games of Settlers and called it a night.

Sunday I put down the tile, a fun process. Got to use my new tile saw too! Power tools rule!

How'd it come out? Really nice, IMHO. Photos? Not yet, because the trim tile for the bottom of the wall was out of stock until March 5. Once we have installed that, I'll throw up some before and after shots.

How'd Shelley like it? Let's watch for her comments on this entry...

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