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In order to participate in the great equinox panorama shoot, we drove up to the hillside in Hollywood where there's a good view of the famous Hollywood sign.

And my system decided not to work. First, the computer would not talk to the Panoscan camera -- the error message being typical of a non-charged camera battery (even though it had charged all night) or a loose cable, but that didn't seem to be a problem.

While working on this aspect of the situation, the iBook froze. On reboot, it could not find an OS and/or the hard drive. Ugh. 1000 times ugh! (And thinking worse things.)

So the whole attempt was almost a wash-out. The only thing that saved it a little was the dog park just down the hill, where Zero and Sparky enjoyed themselves with Shelley during this time.

So we came home. The iBook had to have its OS reinstalled. That revived it. Played around with the Panoscan, then, and got it to work if the battery was plugged in to the charger, but not otherwise. So something bad still going on there.

Then tried to get the iBook on the net. Let's see. Is it more painful to bang my head against cinder blocks? Probably not.

The airport won't work because the reinstalled OS is too early a version. So try Ethernet. It won't connect. Why? Not sure, but the option for DHCP isn't even there! So we cannot get to the Internet to upgrade the OS back to what it was so airport will work.

Let's reboot. Guess what... back to the flashing question mark... so time to reinstall the OS again...

... it's still saying it has an hour and a half to go.

This is exactly what I enjoy doing on a beautiful weekend day.

Guess I'll go use my *Windows* machine to browse for an iTunes song to download -- courtesy of PepsiCo and their frozen Diet Pepsi slushy -- that I won this morning.

Maybe that song "I Want My Baby Back" would be apropos.

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