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3,000 Odos
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Proud of Shelley

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On the way in to work this morning, Becky the bike rolled over the 3,000-mile mark, according to her odometer. That's most of the way across the country.

Speaking of which, it's still one of my life-goals to ride across the US, from Pacific to Atlantic. Maybe for my 40th birthday in a couple years. That would be the best way I could think of to celebrate it.

Over the past couple months Shelley's been taking spinning sessions twice weekly at her WB workout facility, and they're really paying off in terms of improved cycling speed. She's increased her pace a couple of m.p.h., which makes a big difference on a ride in terms of keeping us closer together when we cycle together, so I'm rather pleased and proud of her efforts!

Yesterday's the first time we rode together since her spinning, now that we're back to riding with the club in preparation for a long ride in a few weeks. We cycled from home to CSUN campus to meet Kenny for his first club ride, which turned out to be 24 miles. The half with the strong breeze went quickly, but coming back into the wind (uphill) didn't go as fast. ;-)

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