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Two Loads Off
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Yesterday I quit my spatial analysis statistics class. Having never even skipped a class during my entire undergrad or graduate career, much less dropped one, it was hard to do.

But I'm so sick of it that I'm not even willing to try to last it out until the end of May. I'm done with it. I cannot stand it. So I sent e-mail to the instructor saying I was withdrawing. (He wrote back this morning and said he was sorry to see me go, etc. He called me "Start," which isn't quite even my last name.)

Obviously it was a mistake to take the class this term. It held no interest, and only proved a distraction from the much more important virtual tours goal. Should I continue in the GIS program, it will merely delay it a term. No big deal.

The other load off came largely as a result of Uncle Sam's special bonus 2003 tax adjustments (which I didn't know about until last night). We turned our $2300 tax bill into a $475 tax refund by inputting all our business expenses and taking this bonus depreciation. We hadn't input our deductions before, so our bill would not have ended up at $2300, however the bonus definitely pushed us into positive territory, which is quite a relief.

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