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The guys organizing the World Wide Panorama shoot have now opened the site to the public. Of the 170 or so panos shot around the world on March 20, here are my favorites for various reasons. All these links go to the small versions, but many have full-screen versions worth viewing as well.

Hollywood Sign and LA Reservoir My own. Most interactive of the entire show! Look up for a bit of fun... see the plane?

Many of these panoramas aren't the greatest, but keep in mind that everyone had to shoot on the same day, so the weather / lighting wouldn't necessarily be as optimal as if the panographer could pick when to take the photos.

(Anyone with some time to kill -- and a broadband connection -- is encourage to view them all... hint, hint Jenn... at the World Wide Panorama web site).

Beautiful Cherry Blossoms A gorgeous setting.

Deep Gorge (Entrance to the Underworld) Impossible to portray this setting well with conventional photos given the depth of the site.

In a Tree Technically adept and requiring great dexterity.

3-D Pano Need red and blue glasses to view this anaglyph properly.

Swiss Lake A dark pano and a gloomy day, but I like the view.

Surreality A black and white pano making for a surrealistic atmosphere.

Water and Air This photographer put his camera half in a stream and half out of it to get the air-water interface.

Gulf of Finland Check out the "ice road" aligned with the boards -- people apparently drive across the Gulf of Finland this time of year.

Naked Guy Taken in very cramped intimate quarters.

Timeless Pyramids A deliberate attempt to make the pano look like an old photo.

Stone Circle Just a topic of personal interest - stone circle and dolman from Denmark.

Trees with Snow Aesthetically pleasing to me; too bad he didn't move the car as he changed shooting angles.

Grainy and Gritty Another b/w pano with a lot of film grain; excellent mood capture.

Crocus Blooms The flowers probably look better in person, but still pretty.

Aerial View Taken from an airplane or helicoptor, this is the best panoramic panorama.

Top o' the Alps Brrrrr! But outstanding views and pretty snow-capped peaks.

Kids' Party The best one with people and therefore perhaps one of the most challenging.

Mountain Sunrise One of the best for natural beauty.

French Castle My favorite castle pano of those in the list for its great view and setting.

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the panos you view.

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