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Google IPO?
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It's been kind of exciting for the past week to watch the news articles about the possibility of Google going public at the end of this week. It's often a will-they-or-won't-they debate as all the pundits weigh in with their haughty opinions, sometimes based on what "sources say" and what they think of Google's finances.

Some believe that Google may offer some kind of partial public auction in an attempt to allow small-time investors an early chance to buy stocks. Normally only big firms get IPOs, so if Google did this it might even mean that yours truly can pick up a few shares. We'll see about that. (I do hope they go this route, even if I cannot get in the game, because it's simply the right thing to do, IMHO.)

It seems most likely that Google will have to do *something* tomorrow or the next day in order to comply with some antiquated laws from the '30s. No doubt it will be all over the news when they do announce their intentions.

BTW, the phone interview on Monday afternoon pretty much sealed a choice of not taking the contractor QA position (not that it's been offered yet) because... they specifically said that it should not be considered a foot in the door; there's no possibility of telecommuting; and there probably are no stock options.

Oh yeah... in Gmail they gave me two invitations to send to other people because, as they said, I've become a valuable and trustworthy beta tester. I used those invitations with a couple of friends I knew might be interested. If I get more (or Kenny has any to spare) and you want one, let me know.

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