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Guests in the Wood Pile
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Last week several times around midnight or a little later we heard some strange noises from our carport area, which is just outside our bedroom window. Once it sounded like someone was trying to open the metal latch on the gate!

Every time we'd pop up and shine a light out, there was nothing to be seen. It was too loud to be imaginary and since we didn't see any critters, we figured it was the wind or just our wood pile shifting.

Further investigation, however, showed pellets around our wood pile, and lots of bark and debris beginning to pile up. We had thought the mess was made by Sparky, who kept sticking her nose in there. We thought she was simply looking for lizards, because she does that a lot.

Nope. It was rats. On Friday, as a special prelude to gaming, Jenn and Kenny helped us pull over the log pile with rakes and hoes. We saw two rats, although they bolted out their escape hole before the dogs could get 'em. We found a nice nest in there too, with some fresh greens stashed for dinner. No doubt the rats were setting up to raise a family of ratlings, but there were none yet, which is just as well.

Saturday I piled the wood back up, this time raising the stakes by turning the supporting cinderblocks on edge and moving them out from the wall, so that no self-respecting rat would have a place to hide this time. If they try it anyway, the dogs can reach in to get them.

Never a dull moment at Chez Stuart.

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