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The Weighting Game
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Looks like my Panoscan baggage is overweight by some ten pounds. The airline web page says that an extra charge of $25 applies to domestic flights, and contact them for international. No doubt it will be more.

Question is, does my flight count as a domestic across the country, then as a separate international, so they can charge more?

Rather than find out, it looks like I can just shift the Panoscan batteries to my carry-on bag. They alone weigh 12 pounds!

My other bag is nearly overlimit too, so I'll take out a few clothes and put them in the carry-on as well. With luck, they won't weigh me at the gate ;-)

Here's a device listed as not being allowed to be used on board:

"Portable Global Positioning Satellites (G.P.S.)"

Dang, guess I better leave my satellite at home. Good thing my GPS receiver is still allowed on the plane!

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