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Good to be home again, as of Thursday evening. Spent the last couple days unpacking, financial accounting, catching up on e-mail and journal reading, and watching a some videos -- just taking it easy because my nasty throat / cough thing is still hanging around.

I'm getting more worried about it because of its persistence (now over two weeks), although it's not getting any worse as far as I can tell. But it's uncomfortable and annoying. My doctor's away on vacation for the next week so I'm not sure whether to wait until his return to do anything about it. I really doubt it's a simple cold / flu problem because there are no other usualy symptoms and it doesn't feel like a normal sore throat. It's always something, drat it!

I do have more entries and photos for the Romans journal coming, but they're on my iBook, whose logic board failed and is off for repair during the next 7-10 business days. That really puts me off Macs, but at least it's all under warranty and they're going to upgrade the CD drive for free.

Shelley's been down in San Diego at Comic-Con since Friday morning, but she returns this evening. She surprised me with a de-wallpapered and repainted master bedroom, plus a new set of heavy curtains in the living room that block light well and make watching the tube easier.

My two bottles of Moniack mead survived the journey from York to London to Rome to Borgorose to Rome to London to North Carolina to Ohio to California, so I'm happy!

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