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You Wanna Piece of Me?!
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25 small pieces actually, now that you're public, o Google!

We may buy additional shares in a couple of weeks, after the employees are permitted to sell their holdings, which one article thinks many will. Or maybe we'll sell too ;-)

It's been pretty quiet here lately. I've spent a lot of time on Bernie's panoramas and have them completed for the most part, except for some minor editing.

At dinnertime recently we've watched the first two of three discs in The Life of Birds series. It's a tour-de-force of nature photography from around the world, and includes some interesting and fun special effects. And did I mention the photography?!? Scenes of fighting eagles locked talon to talon, swirling down and down and down until they both crash into trees. Cameras positioned within trees, or just beneath the water as birds dive onto them: many fascinating and unique perspectives.

And in the culinary dept. we've started enjoying making our own Italian sodas. (No I didn't have any in Italy -- I first learned about them at UCLA.) You take quite a bit of ice, pour in a can of club soda, and then a shot of flavor syrup. Torani makes many of those, and to have this kind of refreshing concoction has a steep mark-up at most drink establishments. Therefore we buy club soda by the car load and Torani syrups by the case and have a wide selection of flavors whenever we want. My fave is chocolate mint.

Off to bed early tonight. Got 100 miles to ride tomorrow, along with Shelley who's tackling her first century.

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