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Well Rounded

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Today marks 500 SETI units and 5000 miles on Becky the Bike.

Since having a new computer system land on my desk a couple of months ago, I have resumed running SETI@Home, the original brilliant "let's have people donate their spare computing cycles to us" project that I joined a few years ago.

This new machine cranks through the units, taking about four hours a pop. I run it not only in screensaver mode but also in background mode, and leave the machine on at night so that it can be doing something useful. And now I have a 500-units-completed certificate suitable for framing!

My SETI 500 Certificate (opens in new window)

A screenshot of the SETI program display as it completes the 500th unit (opens in new window)

Stats about my SETI efforts - note the placement and relative ranking ;-)

And on the way home tonight, Becky rolled through her 5000th mile!

Go Becky!

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