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No Fair
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We had been planning to attend the LA County Fair yesterday because it's our only weekend day free, given an unusually full calendar this fall. But it's been so hot this week and we didn't feel like spending the ~$50 for parking and entrance fees that we decided to skip it this year.

In place of that, I stayed home and worked on panoramas from York for almost the whole weekend. I cannot believe I'm still dealing with them. I'm not sure why. They're all just taking a long time to produce. At least most are *almost* done now and I'll be posting them soon. And then it will be time to work on the ones from surrounding Yorkshire.

On the way to work this morning, I found out one of the advantages of having a light-weight bike. Viz, that when you're lying supine on the road after hitting a car and you see the bike coming down from its ballistic trajectory, you realize it's not going to hurt all that much when it lands on you.


Minor cuts and abrasions, bruises and scrapes. New road rash literally on top of old road rash. Bike okay. Me okay. More later.

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