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When workflow starts to control your behavior, you know it's time to upgrade.

That was the case with my panorama projects. Trying to back them up to CD forced me to jump through hoops in order to fit all the files in the limited space CDs offer. It meant reorganizing files into counterproductive arrangements just because of the CD size. It also meant wasting time and/or messing up project structure, which might mean something didn't get backed up or could not be found easily later.

So time for a DVD burner. DVDs hold about six CDs' worth of material in one convenient package. Now I just burn an entire project folder and keep it all together in a nice neat bundle. That's quite a relief to a brain tired at the end of a very long day, as mine has been these past weeks working on this stuff.

(And to forestall some questions... commercial movie DVDs cannot be straight-copied by regular DVD burners because the commercial movie discs hold more information than a regular blank DVD. New double-layer discs have enough space, and my burner will make those kind, but the blanks of that type still cost over $12 each so one might as well just buy the movie from Wal-Mart at that point.)

Some time ago I bought a little keyboard for my Windows machine because of limited desktop space. I've come to realize that it's a counterproductive because it's cramped and I often hit the wrong keys, especially backspace, which deletes way too much when it happens. So I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse set to replace it.

Two very cool things about that: 1) the mouse has a thumb button, which I've set to function as "Back" for web browsing; 2) the keyboard has a left-hand scroll wheel and Back button as well. Two-hand web browsing! Woo!

One more nice coincidence...

As you may know, Amazon keeps track of everything that you've ever bought for them. You can scroll through this list and it will show you whether people are waiting to buy it (because it's generally not available used otherwise).

Well, of the hundreds of items I've bought from Amazon, only one had someone waiting, and that was my Microsoft Intellimouse, which I had just replaced.

Why someone would want to buy such an old mouse, used, when many new versions are available is beyond me. But he paid me $20 for it, so I won't ask. With that and a rebate, my $65 wireless keyboard and mouse ended up costing $25. Not bad, eh.

PS. Did you know that Crest now puts scratch-and-sniff packages on their toothpaste boxes?

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