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Regular TV watching isn't normally my thing, but ABC's new weekly series called Lost seems worth it. In case you haven't caught it yet, they're going to air the first two eps back-to-back this Saturday evening, so jump in now and be ready for next Wednesday's regular airing.

WB's new Blue Collar TV amuses me highly because it hits so close to home. It's like the redneck version of Saturday Night Live. Definitely check it out Thursday evenings -- it's only 30 minutes. I will admit that sometimes the sketches fall flat, but other times they're hilarious.

Another decent show we've been watching regularly is Mythbusters, on the Discovery Channel. These guys go around doing experiments in order to check out urban myths. On one of their best shows, they tried putting various things into a gas tank and seeing if it would have any effect (sugar no, bleach yes). In other shows, they reconstruct historical events, such as an escape from Alcatrez.

It seems lately they're getting more and more into blowing things up just for fun, like when they tested the myth of a cell phone causing an explosion at a gas station. (Cell phones won't do it, but static electricity generated by getting in and out of your car while filling up certainly can.)

If I had to pick only one of these, it would be Lost.

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