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For the third time in about six weeks, I was down at Long Beach yesterday. This was for work, to attend a miniconference of local CSU staff. It wasn't terribly exciting. The walk through their small Japanese garden was the high point of the day for me.

The Extended Learning College at CSUN has finally posted the new position my boss said I should look at. It's called Web Development & Design Coordinator, and my boss even e-mailed me the URL to be sure I saw it. I guess she really wants me to apply, so I'm going for it. It does sound more interesting than my current work, and likely will pay more, so might as well try. I've been working on the cover letter this morning for submission next week.

And in other job news, Willeke wrote to tell me that she did not get the funding from the feds to cover my participation in her Egyptian project this year, so that's one thing off the back burner and into the freezer for now. Give the currently political situation it's somewhat of a relief, frankly, although I'm still interested in a permanent position at UCLA, say, that would let me work most of the time here but go places far away for short amounts of time.

Here's a photo of a sunset from Thurdsay. It's so nice in this area after the rain has cleaned the air.

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