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It's not often that I cannot watch a DVD all the way to the end. I'll put up with bad acting, terrible plot, B-movies, gore, violence, most anything, unless it's REALLY, REALLY bad.

Such was the case yesterday with Outfoxed: Murdoch's War on Journalism, a "documentary" about the Fox news channel and affiliates. The DVD itself was fine, but I found the content just disgusting. The way that the Fox talk-show hosts -- and in particular Bill O'Reilly -- treat people and spout their personal opinions on what is meant to come across as news simply turned my stomach.

In addition, the DVD showed how so many of the newscasters and talk show hosts would say "some people" think thus-and-such, implying that those people ought to be heeded, when in fact it might just be Fox execs who are the "some" people quoted. There were far too many instances recounted of what was to be news, who and what should be covered, etc. that had nothing to do with being "Fair and Balanced."

Oh, I could rant about Fox further, but no sense doing so when you can just go watch the stuff yourself. If you have a strong constitution and can hold your anger in check, give it your time. If not, give the disc to your favorite conservative / Republican for Xmas.

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