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Save the Cervids
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Go Us!

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Did you know that there's a national captive cervid population? Do you care? Do you know what a cervid is?

Apparently there is. And I care a lot. A cervid is a deer or elk.

Why do I care so much? Because Applied Digital Solutions (ADSX) recently closed a significant contract with the federal government to implant tracking and ID chips into them, in order to help eradicate chronic wasting disease.

So what?

Well, back in mid-October the FDA approved the use of these same chips in people, to facilitate medical tracking. Mexico has been allowing the same chips in people for a while, and the government there uses them for identification related to restricted areas. Apparently the chips are implanted in employees' arms and they automatically allow access to secure places without the need for passwords, cards, etc.

Wall Street really liked the news about the FDA approval in October so the stock started to take off and we bought in. The recent order for the cervid chips has pushed the stock past the 100% level for us now, which really isn't too bad for less than two months.

Back during the great "bubble" ADSX traded at some $200 a share. We got it at about $3 in October, and now it's over $6. Here's to it rising back to "bubble" levels!

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