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For a long time I've been putting off implementing security in my online game because I thought it would take a lot of time and effort.

Fortunately Kenny pointed me to a Perl module called CGI::Session that makes encoding usernames and passwords extremely easy. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at work learning how to do it there first, and applied it to some web pages that needed it, then applied it to my own stuff. Piece o' cake!

I'm back on the bike for the first time in about a week because early last week in the mornings it was freakin' cold here -- only 33 degrees or so, almost literally freezing, and it rained a couple of days. It's not fun riding when it's that chilly here. In addition, the rear wheel had a spoke break and went out of whack so I had to get that taken care of. Now that the wheel's fixed and it's warmed up 20 degrees so I'm hoping to get 90 miles before Xmas to reach the 6000 mark.

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