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Toe-ing the Line
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Yes, it's really 2:43 am. We drove back some thousand miles from central Idaho today through rain, sleet, and snow. Got in around 10:30 pm. All seemed well. We planned to return our rental car in the morning.

Then Shelley decided to play footsie with the bathroom door jamb on her way to bed. Result: door jamb 1, Shelley 0.

See image for explanation... (the emergency room gave us copies of the x-ray to pass on to the primary physician in the morning).

Note particularly the sheared, twisted break in the pinkie toe on the right. Although numb from ice at the moment, by morning it's not going to feel so well.

The initial treatment is simply taping it to its buddy -- no cast can be made for it. This will keep her out of boxing and spinning for 4-6 weeks while it heals.

Good thing she plans to spend the next four days at the computer!

Send Shelley an e-card.

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