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Four Elves and a Dodo
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Well, much of the rest of the weekend went into World of Warcraft.

I really did intend to cycle at least one of the days, but the weather has been terrible for it. LA has received over 13 inches of rain since July, much of it in the past week. A normal amount is less than 3 inches a year. These numbers come from a Yahoo! news report about the rain. We're supposed to have more all week and next weekend as well. (I'm definitely not complaining because it makes for guiltless indoor time :-)

What time did not go into WoW went into a Star Fleet Battles online tournament game scheduled before I'd even heard of WoW. A fun game between my Gorn and his Orion, it ended with my defeat after a hard-fought effort and a bad decision to apply some battery power to movement at a really inopportune moment.

Anyway, after some additional WoW solo and group adventuring (including a frustrating but ultimately successful quest to retrieve some boxes from sunken ships) we posed for a group portrait above the town of Auberdine (dark because it's night, with the moon in the background).

Original photo by Jenn, cropped and enhanced by me.

Left to Right:

Dodo, my pet bird who likes fruit and mushrooms and pulls his weight in battle admirably.

Tupeti (Shelley): rogue, sneak, back-stabber; all good qualities in a friend

Lazuli (Jenn): a priestess who can resurrect even while in the middle of the ocean

Gul (me): a bow-wielding hunter extraordinaire who can also cook and work leather

Narwynn (Kenny): a warrior who dons more armor than the rest of us put together, and self-sacrifices that we may all complete our quests

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