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It makes me very sad when our stocks plummet, as they have done recently. It's hard to see why, even though they reported a 44% increase in profit over the past year, eBay's stock tumbled about 35% in the past two days because they missed analyst expectations by one penny a share. Because they're such a big dotcom company, they're dragging down a number of others as well. I have hope for Google yet, though, to reverse the trend.

Not long ago TASR became the focus of an informal investigation into their claims of non lethality so they plummeted as well, although we got out still over 100% on them. We put that back into AAPL (Apple) just before they announced the "iPod shuffle" and the "Mac mini" and so far they appear to be unaffected by the eBay anchor.

On Tuesday my boss' boss found out about me potentially leaving my current position for the other one. Let's just say, ahem, he's already talked to the CIO and they're being accomodating, even if they others don't make a formal offer. It's time to re-define my duties, and think about other things that would make for a more enjoyable time at work, such as a formal understanding that I shall always be allowed to take a long summer break to travel, etc. Times, they are a-gettin' interesting here and I must not lose this opportunity. Still waiting for word on the other position at the moment.

(45 minutes passes while I deal with recovering a file.)

Actually, my boss' boss just said they're going to make an offer and I have a very good chance to be involved in whatever I want if I keep this position. Time to be heard I guess. Time to decide what's important to work on around here.

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