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Catch 22
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This month has been light on journal entries for the simple fact that I've spent so much time playing World of Warcraft that there hasn't been much else to write about!

This past Friday my Gnome mage Myzythra made level 22! Here she poses for a brief moment in her new robes (made by friend Lazuli the Night Elf) just outside the Mystics' Quarter in Ironforge where she learned some new spells.

It confounds me to define why this game is so addictive. Perhaps it's exploring the gorgeous virtual world; perhaps all the interaction between players' characters: got something to buy, sell, or trade? Try making it and submitting it at auction, bartering on the spur of the moment, or joining forces briefly to acquire it from the monsters.

Then there are the interactions out in the field. For example, there was this one quest I had to gather flints from some beasties. I found their camp, but for the most part they stayed too close for me to pick them off one at a time. After some time of eliminating stragglers or patrolling guards I was not much closer to accomplishing my task. But then along came this paladin who was a few levels higher than me. She just ran in and cleaned them out, with me throwing fireballs around as fast as possible. We had to do this a couple times, and once I got killed.

The paladin felt so bad about letting this happen that she insisted on compensating me the cost of getting my equipment fixed and would not let me decline the (excess) cash to do so. After parting ways -- quest accomplished -- and getting back to town Myzythra went to a food vendor and bought some sweet candies and mailed them (using the in-game postal system) to the paladin in thanks (good idea from Lazuli). One day Myzythra will be able to help someone else in a similar manner I expect.

And in other news, the job offer is still pending, but more people are finding out about the potential in my current location and are taking additional steps to, hmmm, be accomodating, shall we say?

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