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Today's flight from Burbank to New Orleans passed uneventfully.

After arrival I walked around some of the locality near my hotel, including a good chunk of Bourbon Street. It was relatively early in the evening, so the bars, clubs, bistros, cafes, shops, cabarets, strip clubs, and all the similar establishements were just getting going, but even so it was very bright and very LOUD. I suspect it ramps up quite a bit from that, so it's not to my taste whatsoever.

The shops along Bourbon Street sell the gaudiest stuff: zillion kinds of beads, jester and wizard hats, Cajon spices of all sorts, bottles upon bottles of various kinds of tobasco sauce, feathered masks, pimp suits, dried alligators and alligator heads, and many T-shirts with rude sayings and pictures.

Got a good Bayou Sampler plate at a restuarant for dinner then walked over to see the Mississippi. Will have to check it out during the daytime for a better view and appreciation of its size.

The pre-conference morning sessions have run out of space, so my morning has opened up. I'm planning to hike a few blocks to the National D-Day Museum and check it out. (I guess I could go listen to late-night jazz or zydeco or somethin' and sleep in instead, but that's really not my style.)

So far Day #1 Without World of Warcraft has not shown any (serious) withdrawal symptoms. Mostly this is due to careful self control by logical reasoning that my time away is serving to build up Myzythra's rest bonus, so when I do get to play again, she'll go that much faster per playing hour toward her next levels!

Like I said earlier, I can quit anytime (that I don't have network access or a good enough computer to play on).

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