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Life After 40
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After numerous trials and tribulations, Myzythra reached level 40 in World of Warcraft yesterday. Aside from being 2/3 the way to a maximum level 60, and opening up the usual more-powerful spells, this new level brings a unique reward: the ability to ride a mount!

In the game, each race gets a different mounts. Gnomes get Mechano-Striders -- giant mechanical riding birds -- available in different colors. Myz chose the blue one, and took it out for a quick spin while Johl and River took a few snapshots down by Steelgrill’s Depot in Dun Morogh.

Despite Myz's best efforts to save up for the cost of the mount and the training needed to ride it, she made only 35 of 90 gold. Thanks to Johl and River, though, because they provided a loan for the remainder. The mount will make it faster to earn that amount because it greatly improves the speed of exploration and exploitation of mineral resources that Myz can mine and sell in the auction house.

Myz on Chucky, with her funding friends standing alongside. Even mounted, Myz is not quite as tall as a night elf!

(For some more nice photos, see Cheese on the Go!, by Narwynn.)

What comes after level 40 for Myz? First, collecting enough material to pay back the loan. After that, who knows? Perhaps trying out some player-vs-player situations, either helping in or defending against raids. Probably going to some new areas of the map, perhaps trying additional unique dungeons. Maybe hanging out in some lower-level areas to help young'ins once in a while, as others have done for her.

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