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Wow, quite a journal gap here. Caused by WoW for the most part. I play it a lot. No doubt too much. Even though my iMac is still in the shop for another couple days, Shelley has allowed me to use her machine to keep Myzythra and Gul going.

Here are a number of shots taken by Myz over the past two weeks or so.

Myz made herself a Gnomish Mind Control device but has not yet had the courage to try it out. She also made a Gnomish Battle Chicken, which seems to work as designed so far.

The other night the Booty Bay inn, home base for a while now, was rocking -- both Alliance and Horde dancing like crazy. Never seen it so crowded before!

On a courier mission in the Blasted Lands, Myz sighted her first dragon. It's very, very big and powerful. This shot was taken from quite some distance away, so as not to anger the beast.

A recent quest took Myz to the lands of the Night Elves. She learned a new portal spell here in the Temple of the Moon, in Darnassus.

Myz en route across the open sea on a griffon. Sure beats swimming!

River's ram, Nutmeg, seen from below :-)

Aye, aye, it's cap'n Myz in her sporty new pirate-hat look (compliments of Johl), strutting around Booty Bay to proclaim her newly obtained Level 44!

And in other news...

The new job keeps me very busy during the day. People say "good morning" to each other. All is well.

About a week ago I got a call from a woman who wants to make some 1,000 QuickTime object movies of cosmetic products for a web site now, plus many more into the future. I think this would be a tremendously dull project, so I have turned it down.

While I want to work with QuickTime and photography, I would far prefer to make panoramas than object movies, at least of cosmetic products. She believes that people having the ability to spin around the little bottles of nail polish and zoom in to read labels will make her site win over competitors. Maybe that's true, and I wish her well, but even with an automated process it's not something I want to get distracted by now.

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