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My stupid ankle hasn't been healing as I think it ought. Until Friday evening, when I had a good look at it, I thought it was just simple pain and uncomfortableness and lack of flexibility in it. But no, it's still swollen quite a bit, and rather bluish. I can barely bend it enough to trim nails. Nah, it needs more attention.

I have kept the ankle elevated for the last three nights and as much during the last two days as practical, but even so, based on Kenny's experience with Eastern medicine and similar trouble, I made an appointment at Acuhope for today to try accupuncture and/or moxibustion. His trouble disappeared practically instantly so I figure it's worth a shot, even without insurance covering it. I'd really like to be further along the healing path given the amount of hiking and snorkelliing we want to do in Hawai'i next month.

So, $50 lighter now, and feeling better as far as I can tell, but there's an herb/menthol pack on my ankle at the moment that's making it pleasantly tingly, so I'll be more objective once it's removed this evening.

They put me on a table and stuck a needle in my right ear, one in my right foot, one in my left shin or calf, and a bunch in my left foot (the injured one), and ran an electrical charge through a few of them, plus applied a heat/magnet lamp. They let me doze on the table for half an hour thusly, but came in two or three times and flicked the needles to keep them active. It was totally pleasant lying there with the tingling and heat applied to the ankle. I hope it truly is effective. They say another treatment or two will be good, so I may go back later this week.

Best to stay off the bike and not stress the ankle any more, for now, either. Perhaps that's one reason it has not healed well yet. I know sprains/strains can take a while to get totally better, but I don't think they should still be swelled and unnaturally colored as mine is this far along after the original event almost a month ago now.

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