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Bleeding of Eyes

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No Origins for us again this year, but we did game a lot this weekend anyway.

Larry has recruited a couple new people to fill in for us -- because he believes baby will leave no time for gaming on Saturdays, which may or may not be true -- and we got to meet them. Kevin and Tiffany are their names, and they seem like decent not-too-geeky gamers.

On Sunday Jenn and Kenney brought their computers over for a LAN WoW party. The four original Gul's Angels quested together all day and most of the night, with breaks only for Shelley's BBQ chicken and corn-on-the-cob, plus some boardgaming. We're all in low- to mid-forties level-wise now, and we completed quite a few quests. It's much more fun playing with friends, for sure.

More WoWing on Monday, with the goal of helping Myzythra obtain a new water-creation spell from the east wing of Dire Maul. The success in that quest means much, much less time waiting for spell mana regeneration in the future. Thanks to Johl, River, Shrub, and guest Uela for help on that one. Myz is now only about 65 gold away from her 900-gp fast mount.

We watched fireworks over at La Crescenta. Much brilliant, blinding goodness.

Oh yeah... we also bought our first baby equipment: a stroller. We picked one up from Bearly Used, a store that's likely to be revisited by us soon. It carries only used / consignment baby stuff. Why pay full price for such barely used things? Our stroller was $85; compared to Wal-Mart's price of some $250 for the same thing, that's an excellent deal.

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