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About a week ago Myzythra reached her savings goal of 900 gold pieces. That's the price for a Swift Mechanostrider. Such a contraption not only makes getting around faster, but greatly speeds up finding ore to mine, and allows traversing enemy- and monster-infested areas to be tremendously safer.

That's money well spent despite the enormous amount of time it took to save. The bank account was down to a single gold piece, but has rebuilt to a confortable 50ish, plus a number of auctionable items. Myz has had a few more adventures in the mean time, but Gul and the other Angels have been getting more play time recently.

Tom-Tom the Swift. He has a headlamp eye, left rear-view mirror, horn, and dual jet packs on the rear. He moves!

Feel sorry for these two dragons in the Sunken Temple. They are no match for the four highest-levelled Angels.

Dentistry isn't so bad, except for foul yeti breath.

Gul and Tupeti on their sabrecats who roar in unison!

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