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Like a Virgin (Mobile)
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We'll See

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For far too long now I've been shelling out for a monthly cell phone service that I just don't use very often. But I've been putting off switching. I'd rather go to the dentist every week than go through this, which I liken to car buying.

I don't much like talking on phones, although they're darn convenient for quick contacts and emergencies, so I want to keep one around. I just don't want to pay very much to do so, and if I am carrying one around, I want to be able to take photos, which my current old cell phone does not allow.

Some time ago I looked at pay-as-you go solutions and while I'm still not happy that all carriers' minutes expire at some point, Virgin Mobile seems to have the best deal with a minimum $20 every 90 days, and an automated top-up service that adds $20 as required, or when the account falls under $5, whichever comes first.

None of the pay-as-you go services offer phones that do much, but I have ordered a phone from VM that takes photos and can send them to e-mail addresses for 25 cents a pop. That's good enough for me right now. Maybe they'll offer more phones in the future, like one with GPS and/or 911 tracking, which might be a real boon.

The new phone should be here tomorrow, or the next day, and I'll try a photo with it. I'll take advantage of the number transfer law and keep my same cell number. I've got to pay for the new phone, but the saving from the old plan with Sprint PCS should see it pay itself off in three months.

One further reason that VM wins out is that it uses Sprint's network, which I know works at the house, so service won't be a question.

So... don't call me. I'll call you.


Just kidding.

PS. One of the some 7,000 downloadable ringtones is perfect for my mom's number: the sound of bleating sheep.

PPS. Shelley's incoming calls, of course, get Monty Python's, Sit On My Face.

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