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Bloody of Eyes

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Darn those Blizzard people for finding fun ways to keep their game alive and interesting. A couple of weeks ago they announced that a traveling exhibition called the Darkmoon Faire would start appearing for a few days each month, and that various things could be collected and turned in for tickets, which could be used to trade for prizes of one sort or another.

Early information about the fair indicated some basic things that Myz could collect easily and quickly enough to build up for a very large number of tickets to obtain the top prize. So she started doing that in earnest for a while, to make enough tickets for her own prize, and to give some to the other Angels.

Reality turned out different, though, when the much-anticipated fair finally came to town. It turned out that Blizzard not only increased the number of items twelve-fold, but put a cap on how many could be turned in, as well as reduced the quality of the top prizes AND made the tickets non-transferrable. As a backup, Myz has made quite a bit of gold selling excess materials, but it did come as a disappointment, no doubt.

While waiting for the fair Myz spent all day Saturday and Sunday... waiting (mostly mindless killing). Hoping to get into the speical player-versus-player battlegrounds area, she spent 7.5 hours each day in the queue, and never did get in. That made me unhappy. Maybe it will be easier when kids go back to school.

Blizzard has announced yet another fun thing: a fishing tournament. I don't know about doing much of that -- it's pretty boring -- but no doubt I'll give it a try when the implement it.

Myz inside one of the carnival tents, amongst some stuffed bears (I term them the Faire Bears).

Myz ran into her evil twin at the bank -- same dress, same hat, etc. Too bad her name wasn't Skippy!

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