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Century VI
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Sore of Leg

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Up at the crack of dawn this morning to drive out to Ventura and join 1500 others in the annual Cool Breeze Century. Slight adjustments to the ride this year for a new starting location and some construction, but a fine ride. Perfect temperatures, good wind, just right overall.

I had hoped to make an average of 17 mph for the whole hundred miles but achieved only 16.7, which makes a time-on-bike of an even six hours. Not too bad, I guess, but it shows how pathetic I am at hill climbing. Must work on that.

Saw a one-legged biker. Apparently she can do just about as good as most and a lot better than many. Also got to take a long gander at the USS Ronald Reagan, a US Navy carrier, anchored just off Santa Barbara.

Shelley volunteered to help at one of the break stops, and happened to get the last one, which is atop a cliff overlooking the Pacific - quite the spot to hang out all day distributing food to hungry and tired bikers.

Had another baby shower yesterday, this time from the good folks at CSUN. About 15 women showed up and gave us a ton of food and many more gifts. Shelley came in for this so I didn't have to go it alone :-)

Off to gaming, now, at Larry's. Ta.

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