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14th Anniversary
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In celebration of our 14th anniversary yesterday, we invited our entire World of Warcraft guild to join us for an in-game renewal of vows in the Stormwind Cathedral.

All nine of them made it – dressed to the nines, no less – so we had quite a party. Everyone received a batch of fireworks to shoot off, some mead to drink, a cherry pie in lieu of cake, and some shiny baubles as party favors.

Gul gave Tupeti "The Rock," which is the top-level ring available in the game for just such an occasion. Tupeti gave Gul a small white kitten that took her quite some time to acquire from Little Timmy, an urchin sometimes found wandering the town. (We'll send him a get-well card very soon.)

Thanks to Johl's tailoring talents, Gul donned a tuxedo and appropriate shirt, pants, and boots while Tupeti wore a white wedding dress and carried a bouquet of wildflowers. Other attendees looked very nice as well in their formal clothes made by Johl or found or purchased elsewhere. It's strange to see everyone out of armor and weaponless.

Of course the game server decided to crash for a while leaving some of us on and some off, so we didn't have as much time as we had hoped to take the party off into the wilderness where we could try some formal-wear adventuring. Maybe next time. We did catch the tram up to Iron Forger, however, for more public dancing and fireworks and gun-shooting.

Most of the gang... from left to right:

Nimbasa (cat), Plynx (a random passer-by), Agrobasa, Lazuli, Narwynn, Tupeti, Gul, Tandwyn, Dazartus, Sundew, Gnotty, Sheena (hyena). Not shown: Niennennessa and Gaherond, who had to leave early.

The photo captures a few fireworks just as they go off.

Kenny has posted a number of shots from last evening on his journal. Check out a few of the 750(!) he got for close-ups and other angles.

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