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Hammer of the Northern Wind
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Friday, after untold hours* of playing World of Warcraft, one of my characters (Myzytha) finally found a purple item. Such things turn up only very rarely, usually sell for a great deal of money, and offer rather good stat bonuses and special effects when used.

Myz cannot use this weapon, however, and since she's not lacking for money, she gave it to Lazuli for her birthday. It's been a goal for some time to find a purple item and a relief to finally have done so.

Since then, I've spent many more hours playing. River and Myz and Shrub played until the wee hours last night (it's a holiday!) taking down quite a few blue dragonkin in order to collect scales for some armor. The next day Myz headed out to kill giants for the pattern needed to make that armor. After taking down (and being taken down by) a number of them alone, Shrub made his way up to help. *Just* as he got there, Myz killed one more and got the pattern.

Now that a purple item has been found, it's time to get in the Battlegrounds and more instances.

*Although WoW offers a way to see how long you've played your characters, I have shied away from ever using that function.

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