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It's dark inside. We're wearing sunglasses. Charge it!

After baby's two-week check-up we went over to the local mall to pick up more supplies for our upcoming projects, and while we're in Lowe's all the lights went out, until a few minutes later when a few popped back on. We didn't think much of it, just a store with some problems with lights, but then we left and went next door to Target and found they had even fewer lights on.*

However, their cash registers had power, so I had fun shopping in near dark, while wearing sunglasses. Thankfully I didn't have to read product labels and knew where the stuff we needed was, and could therefore take advantage of the situation: hardly any customers in the store = no lines! That's a first for Target. Heh.

Baby's doing well. She's gaining about an ounce and half of weight per day. When she's awake she's constantly squirming, flailing limbs, looking around, and making a huge range of facial expressions.

She's pretty clingy too, liking neither crib nor cradle nearly as much as mom or dad. We're not holding her or carrying her so much as we're wearing her. But she's cute enough that she makes a good accessory for most any outfit.

*LA Dept. of Water and Power screwed up and caused a wide-spread loss of power, so getting home took longer than usual because the traffic lights were out. They'll have it fixed soon. Our house was outside the problem area, thankfully.

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